Friday, January 16, 2015

Puppy Rx

Is there a better medicine than a warm puppy? My little guy had his "fix it" surgery this week. On the same day, I had an outpatient procedure. I was a bit concerned about taking care of him if I wasn't 100%, but he made sure we were both good for at least the first 24 hours.

Auggie decided that the velvety throw across my lap and feet made a wonderful place to prop his head while warming my feet in the process.  Of course we all know that when your dog assumes such a position, the human is no longer allowed to move.  It doesn't matter if your feet begin to cramp, your legs feel stiff, or you need to get a glass of water.  Nope.  We sit still for their sake. But let's face it, would YOU want to move such a precious face that was snoring away?  Yes, snoring like a chain saw. Ha!

The other three members of the pack (what I refer to as the 4H pack) seemed to know Auggie and Mom were under the weather. They took full advantage of the puppy being quiet.  Their evening was spent gathering and hiding toys for later use, begging for a few more treats, and cuddling close to me without having to vie for position.  Overall, I was very proud of their behavior and realize just how well they listen to me even what I am not up and moving around as normal.

Auggie is healing just fine and so is Mom.  A lesson reinforced this week was to never underestimate the healing power of a puppy!

Enjoy this day!