Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dog Tested & Pet Parent Approved

It's time for hats, coats, gloves, & mittens!  It's also time for Bum Warmers. 

This past weekend I made two human-sized bum warmers. These are made from insulated batting that reflect heat or cold back to its source. I tucked the batting between fleece for that extra cozy feel. My smallest dog claimed the first mat I made and refused to move for hours.  Nine pounds can become 90 pounds when they don't want to budge! She slept the entire night away. When I felt her the next morning, her side against the mat was super comfy warm!

My brain started thinking of the possibilities for these easy to store self-warming mats. Here's the short list.

Uses for humans: Seats in stadiums, cars, trains, subways, parks, horse-drawn carriage/sleigh rides, office chairs, etc. I used mine over my lap on the drive home and it worked great!

Uses for your pets: Crate bed topper, fur-avorate place on your furniture to sleep, pet car seats and strollers, pet carriers and beds, and warm travel mats for overnight visits! What about your pet with arthritis pain that warmth seems to help? 

I could make 100 of these in BLAH colors and your bum or your pet's bum could be warmed in the same BLAH color as everyone else, but I don't do box store work. I also charge reasonably for custom work. You choose the color scheme and then we discuss your personalized ideas. All you have to do is email me at and we can get started and keep you and your pets extra warm!

Here are the two I have made for myself and my pets. I added a handle to make it easier to carry along. You can fold or roll them away with no problem.

For adult and children's hats visit   We use fun dog-themed patterns because we know you love your pets!

Stored in the front console

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