Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Holidays! Already?

My mother has always said that as we grow older, time moves faster. In my younger years I would nod as if I understood, but I truly didn't. I recently had another birthday (we won't say which one). I understand what she means now.  It isn't even the end of October, and already I can see Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the bend.  The strange part is, I'm pretty sure I just mailed several summertime dresses to customers last week.  Wasn't it last week? 

When we gather with our family and friends during the holidays, the pictures we take now are nearly continuous!  With the ease of 'smart' phones (smarter than most of us care to admit) photos and videos are done with the flick of a button. Next comes the ease of uploading memories to our friends and family around the globe.  In a matter of seconds, we share our most memorable holiday moments.  I think it's great!  Family far and wide are now connected.  Family, including our pets.

How many times have we looked back at old holiday photos to catch only a glimpse of our friend Fido sneaking his way into the shot?  You know the pictures I mean. The photos of you in your best dress or little bow tie standing next to your siblings or parents. As you scan the photo, you notice Fido has stuck his head in the lower left corner of the picture!  That's when we shout with glee that our friend wanted to be part of the picture, too. Good ol' Fido.  He was always there to keep us safe, listen to our fears, roll in the grass with us, and keep our secrets. They are part of our family history and only wanted to be remembered as such.

This year, as we prepare for the holidays let's be sure to include our pets in the photos, videos, etc.  Make it extra special for them and have a fancy vest, dress, scarf, or coat for them to wear. I plan on posting ready-made vests for both small and large pets for the season on my Facebook page, and I hope you will add these for your fur-covered family members.  The vest pictured below is modeled on K9Tailor Facebook page by the wonderful dog, Bocker Labradoodle. 

In five or even ten years, when you look back at the precious photos of your family and see Fido and Frisky in their holiday best (courtesy K9Tailor), the memory will bring a smile to your heart. 


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