Sunday, October 19, 2014

Told you so!

There are some things all dog owners share.   The commonality of sheets, blankets, slipcovers on our furniture. May have hooks by the back door that hold leashes.  There are the water absorbing mats beneath the water bowl. Scented (as though it matters) poo pick up bags in the house as well as the car console.  This time of year, it may be what costume to choose for our dog.

When I considered which Halloween costumes for my dogs, I almost took the easy way out and made three big box store purchases.  Mass produced costumes are available, but none of my dogs remind me of lobsters, medical doctors, or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. To me, the costume must reflect the dog's innermost being.

The dogs made the costume decision for me when I arrived home after work one evening.  Normally met with what equals humane society level barking, and an eagerness that leaves me convinced they all truly believe I had died and would never again return, I was met with complete SILENCE.  It was that deafening silence that only trouble can bring about. Preston, that champagne Havapoo was first on the scene. He never approached me, but peered around the corner from the next room. I heard the dog door flap twice, which meant Lulu and Sophie had already made the decision to abandon Preston. My two girls work together that way.

I flipped on the light switch and found tufts.   That's the best word I can think of to describe what I saw.  At first, I thought a small wild animal had exploded in the family room.  Small and medium sized tufts were scattered about the room in a truly random manner that only a maniac could have created.  Upon closer inspection, and putting a few pieces back together I realized these small woodland fuzzy pieces were actually remnants of newly purchased socks!  All six pair had been annihilated and shown no mercy.  I felt my heart drop to my stomach with a loud THUNK!

One dog door flap told me at least one of the girls was curious enough to come back inside. Maybe they heard the deafening silence and figured the coast was clear.  Either way, Sophie was the brave one to arrive first.  On the other hand, an outside conversation of , 'no you go in first...' may have taken place.  Shoot!  For all I know, the 9 pound Lulu shoved the 22 pound Sophie through the door!
However it came about, Sophie quietly approached with her head hanging down.  With no eye contact being made, she laid down on the floor and placed her head in the most guilt-ridden position possible.  With such an admission, I found there was no reason to be angry.   As far as she was concerned, she was a mighty huntress who had killed the terrifying pack of cotton and acrylic beasts left to taunt her from their mountain perch on the kitchen table.  She considers herself, Warrior Princess Sophie, Mighty Huntress and Protector of the Pack.

You see, Preston was the one who informed me there was a problem, and stayed in the house to prove his innocence.  He is my K9Cop aka the Fun Police.   He is the equivalent to Lassie informing the adults that Timmy fell in the well.  Lulu is The Instigator.  She points out in a nonchalant manner to the youngest pup interesting items throughout the house. I believe she spins stories for Sophie much like the oldest sibling would to their youngest sibling (MJ, you know who you are) waiting to watch the seed they've planted blossom to it's full potential of trouble.

So here are their costumes and one follow up photo from today.  When choosing costumes, make them personal.  We dreamed of dressing up like our favorite fairy tale character, or tv show hero.  Why not give our dogs the same consideration?   How did I do?

Sophie's tag reads "I eat stolen socks" 

'nuf said


Here is the photo from this morning.  I think it's title will be 


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