Thursday, October 9, 2014

Welcome to our blog!

Greetings from K9Tailor,  

We love our dogs, want the best for our dogs, and don't really consider our dogs, well, just dogs. They are our confidants, loyal friends, family members, and warm our feet on cold nights.

K9Tailor is all about the dogs.  We create items to make their life more comfortable, classy, and colorful.  Collaboration is our main focus since we work with the pet parent when designing. We create warm coats that range from classic plaids to crazy canine prints, accessories like our slide on scARFs, and also offer pet parents a variety of hats and gloves with dog themed prints. Hey, your dog wants you to look good at the dog park, too! 

Enjoy the blog which will help keep you up to date on requested creations from other pet parents as well as our upcoming projects. I have included a link to our Facebook page, website, and a picture of our newest item which is a fancy vest for any size dog! 

Until next time, keep wagging and don't worry!


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